Thursday, August 19, 2010

Winning Combo #3

Okay, you're going to like this. You're really going to like this. So remember all that strawberry freezer jam that Chris made? Well, I've found its soul mate.

Have you ever had Nutella? Chris and I always thought people who ate Nutella were crazy and considered sugar cereal a healthy breakfast. Then we tried it. Oh boy.

THEN, I tried a nutella and strawberry freezer jam sandwich on toast.

I would serve this to Thomas Keller for dessert. I really would.

I made a lot of noises while I was eating this sandwich. I also made a lot of noises when I ate the second, third, and fourth one. Turns out this counts as any meal of the day. I know because I've eaten it for every one.

My picture is of the two love birds on a graham cracker because I could never wait long enough to take a picture before I ate the sandwiches. It's also awesome on a graham cracker. In fact, you could probably just dip a spoon (or finger) in both and eat it that way.

Oh, if you happen to have any more freezer jam (like that's going to happen once you try this), it is amazing over my Greek yogurt panna cotta too.

Pairs nicely with each other.


  1. Nutella and jam is divine!! One of our all time favorites around here :) So funny, I used to be anti nutella, thinking I didn't like hazelnut (after the hazelnut flavor coffee rage of the early 90's, YUCK) turns out I was wrong, nutella is awesome stuff :)

  2. Oh yeah baby!!! I have a big ol container of Nutella in my cupboard, going to make nutella pinwheel cookies this week but this is a great idea to make a little snack before I get to the cookies.


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