Sunday, August 15, 2010

Iced Mint Tea

When I was an undergraduate, I spent my summers waitressing at a seafood restaurant in Halifax. A restaurant with a big patio doesn't exactly benefit from air conditioning. Keeping cool was pretty hard, but I found a great way to do it. I would brew mint tea and pour it in a pint glass full of ice. The cold drink plus the... mintyness of mint was so refreshing. Lately I find myself working the summer months away in a scorching-hot corner office in an ancient building with no air conditioning. I always imagined a corner office would be an achievement, not a torture chamber. Anyway, I decided I deserved another mint tea refresher.

Um... here's the recipe?

Iced mint tea

mint tea
water (boiled)
water (frozen)

1. Brew tea.
2. Add ice.
3. I guess you could add sugar...?

Just as an extra endorsement of how awesome this stuff is, Chris--hater of all things tea, coffee, and general hot beverage--thought this was pretty tasty.

Pairs nicely with being overheated.

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  1. Funny with as hot as its been this summer we haven't brewed any ice tea & we have a garden full of mint


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